Phasequad ModernCity

Phasequad ModernCity 1.0.1b

ModernCity Unity Asset by Phasequad - this is biggest 3D tile collection for easy city design different difficulty.
You can use this not only for game design, it excellent will suit for urban architectors and building designers.
We tried create all the most popular elements in old school and modern building design. In collection you will find a many tiles for front and backyard design, bottom parts for create shops, middle parts with different windows, top tiles and roof, borders, columns, roof and side details.
Streets, roads and road details.

How it works:

This is a 3D tiles with different extra details, created in special sizes and pivot points for using with snap to grid in Unity, for example like a constructor.
It means what you do not need worry about what your building be have normal errors, mapping problems or more, and of course, you do not need know 3d modelling for create a different buildings for your city.
All you need - imagination. Choose tiles, put in the scene, apply materials and move where you want, using a snap to grid.
Create a shops, banks, office and residential buildings.

For comfort using, library splited on two parts, Buildings and Streets.

Asset Sore: PQ Modern City
Free Demo - Unity 5.5.3: ModernCityDemo.unitypackage


- 5 Types facade columns.
- 13 Details for corner design.
- 64 Building details, window frames, balcony, vents, shop awnings and more.
- 67 Parts for Bottom facades, with unique corners.
- 80 Parts for middle facades, with glassed and backyard tiles.
- 11 Inner parts for using a transparent windows
- 37 Borders with roof.
- 8 Enterable bottom facades. (Will be supplemented)

- 14 Concrete materials for pavements and walls.
- 35 Main Facade materials.
- 59 Door and window materials.
- 22 Materials for Building Details.
- Misc and Inner materials.


- 16 Types of cross road
- 49 Street details, fences, lampposts, traffic lights, road signs and more.
- 6 Parts for create a parking zones.
- 18 Parts for pavements, with stairs and grass.
- 16 Main road parts.
- 2 Rounded road part and 2 types of crossroad on 45 degrees. (Will be supplemented)

- 43 Materials for details and streets.
- 13 Street materials with different marking.

Prefabs and Textures.
- Prefabs contains 450 complete parts for buildings and streets.
- Textures folders contains all needed textures with normal and height maps.