Phasequad Games

Was founded by professional 3D modeler and electronic musician in 2015.
Studio create detailed big city projects and vehicle models for city driving projects.

We create many detailed buildings, streets, bridges, all for open world map creation and many car models with detailed exteriors and interiors, with worakable lights and interior details, also many modern airplanes, ships and trains. We is always think, how people can create projects faster and bigger, but simple and optimized. For this we develop our systems for easy construction, make a many construction details in different styles. All our models have a ideal compatibility with each other.

We want to create many difficult constructors and 3D models for easy and fast creation games on any platforms. Everyday we working with developers and maked many ideas which used in professional projects, create models fast and quality.

With our studio you can create your project very simple.

Follow the leaders.